By Ted Mortenson

“…According to an announcement as far back as n September 2018, the DEA announced that drugs including CBD products containing a range from zero to 0.1% THC content are considered “Schedule 5” controlled substances and dangerous drugs forthwith. This announcement is the first time the agency has lowered any type of Cannabis-derived cannabinoid or any part of the plant from “Schedule 1” designation on the list of Controlled Substances. According to the new scheduling of CBD, both patient and caregiver will no longer be criminally liable for possessing, purchasing, or being under the influence of a non-psychoactive substance like CBD.
Any other substance extracted from the plant genus Cannabis, like Delta 9 THC or arguably even Delta 8 THC and related medications for patients suffering from Parkinson’s, Diabetes, FibromyalgiaArthritisAutism, and hundreds more diseases and illnesses will continue to be in violation of Federal law and therefore subject to arrest.  Clearly, the government regulators and Justice Department agencies like the DEA remain unconvinced of the medical value of Cannabis…”


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